Turtle Pretzels

I love holiday baking.  Each year, I make a list of items that I plan to make - some old and some new.  I enjoy sharing these treats with family and friends.  Of course, Jim Bob and I enjoy our fair share as well.  My holiday baking repertoire always includes turtle pretzels.  I learned how to make these a few years ago from a friend in Aiken.  They're extremely easy to make and easy to eat - the perfect combination!     

Turtle Pretzels

Turtle Pretzels


1 bag Rolo candy, unwrapped
small pretzels
pecan halves


Preheat oven to 250 degrees.  Layer pretzels on baking sheet.  (I line my sheet with a baking mat to make for easier removal.)  Top each pretzel with a Rolo.  Place baking sheet in the oven for 3-5 minutes.  Keep an eye on the Rolos.  The turtles are ready when the chocolate glistens and looks like it's about to melt.  It is best to remove the turtles before the Rolos begin to melt completely.  As soon as you remove the turtles from the oven, press a pretzel half on top of each Rolo.  Leave the turtles on the baking sheet until they have cooled.

Source:  Jamie Raynor, Aiken 


Mom said...

Martin and I really enjoyed these. It's the first time you sent them to us. So thank you for these and the peanut brittle, yummy!!! I just have a question about the recipe. When do you place the pecan halves on top? Is that when you take it out of the oven? So bottom is pretzel, middle is Rolo and top is pecan?

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